Friday, October 5, 2007

Uniforms For M'Uedail Are Now Revealed

For those that may be following the saga of my mythical Duchy of M'Uedail, I have now posted uniform plates for the entire Army on that Blog. I have also actually acquired all of the necessary figures to complete the OoB according to these plates. Actually, through a little trading and the generosity of some Bartertown members, I have acquired almost three times the number of figures that I need to finish this project! Therefore, do not be suprised if, at some point in time, you start seeing some rivals appear to challenge the Little Army of M'Uedail. Plus, I still have almost all of my original AWI figures, as almost all of the SYW ended up being new acquisitions. I'm hoping to entice my Son into painting some opponents for M'Uedail so we can start putting on the demo games, and then "feeding" the spare figures to new gamer's that we cultivate a unit or two at a time. After all, I use Foot units that are 16, 20 and 24 figures each for AWI and 40 figure Battalions for SYW, so I would hate to hand a beginner a couple hundred figures. By "feeding them" one unit at a time, I can encourage and cultivate them. Start with a small unit that can double for either AWI of Imagi-Nations gaming, when their "core" of 16 or so figures is done, add the additional figures to raise them to 40, then when those are done move them on to their next project.
Sir William


Bluebear Jeff said...

Sir William,

This sounds like a great plan. What rules are you planning to use in your demos?

-- Jeff

Bill McHenry said...

For AWI I will be using "Minuteman" with the modifications that Ken ray and I made many years ago for Irregular and Legion units, and a slightly smoother casualty/fatigue system. For SYW or Imagi-Nations, I will be attempting to use the modified set that Ken and I began almost 30 years ago, Les Powell and I worked on again 18 years ago, and which I have picked back up and am now attempting to complete. If I'm not satisfied with the outcome, I will consider Will McNally's rules, BAR, and probably peruse some of the free sets that are out there.

Sir William