Friday, September 28, 2007

Composition of the Army of M'Eudail

I decided that it's time to post the proposed composition of my "little" army, as well as its "official" OoB. A word or two of reference is required here. I am using, at least at the moment, a set of "home brewed" rules that started as a modification of the old Bowden and Ray "Minuteman" rules many, many years ago. Ken Ray and I started the work, then a few years later Les Powell and I worked on converting them for League of Augsberg, and I am now going back and cleaning up the original work for the mid-18th Century, incorporating some new ideas that Ken and I didn't think of back then. The figure to man ratio is 1 casting or figure to 10 men, with artillery models being 1 gun model with appropriate crew (varies based on poundage and role) to 2 real guns. I am using Infantry "companies" of 8 figures (with five companies to a typical Battalion) and Cavalry "squadrons" of 12 figures (with two squadrons to a Regiment typically). I base my Infantry figures on company-sized stands drawn up in two ranks of 4 figures each. My cavalry is in a single rank of 3 figures on the same sized base. The actual size of the base isn't hyper-critical in these rules, but I have tried to allow for a base size that will allow players whose armies are based for other systems to adapt a common frontage using sabot bases or trays. I use metal stands that are 2 1/2" wide by 2" deep (originally made for Flames of War, I believe). This allows enough frontage and depth to adequately display my figures, accomodate some of the more "athletic" poses, and accomodate figures based for Old WRG, DBx, and many other rule sets. Please note that I am ONLY addressing 20mm, 1/72nd scale, or "true" 25mm figures here. Obviously if you have some of the newer large 28mm, or traditional 30mm figures , then these base sizes will not work for you. The same applies to smaller scales. My rules do not make provision for removing single figures, although they probably could. Instead I use a system of "Attrition" markers that incorporate fatigue and casulaties, with entire company-sized stands being removed when their total value is reached. I use markers to represent the Unit's overall Attrition status, and this status does effect their ability to perform in a cohesive manner on the battlefield. More on the rules later, here is the proposed OoB for the Army of the Duchy of M'Eudail.

Sir William


Bluebear Jeff said...


As I mentioned on the Duchy's blog, this sounds like a really fun force. I like it a lot.

I also very much appreciate this "behind the scenes" look at things. Please keep it up.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Your Highness, what a force!
(OK, I suspect you'd prefer to hear that in the mouth of a fair Duchess's daughter)...
And now we are waiting for the photos!

Now, to appetize us even more -& try & test your uniforms designs- what about colored drawings?
David's SYW templates are handy. One computer-challenged (such as me) could use them the 'indirest way' devised by our brother OSW gamer Steve Mirvin, for his Bishopric of Uber Gruntshuffen army ( provided one has easily
access to a (colors) scan. He printed a large copy of the 'blank' template, somehow painted or hand colored it, and the had the image back-digitalized. The result
is extremely satisfaying! And of course you can retouch the printed copy to have a uniform exactly corresponding to your original design.

Anyway, compliments and best wishes.